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WEGOFAR2 - A Family Affair for Music Recording Artists & Producers...


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Kristian Freewey Orcca is the P.Diddy of Kansas City, the President, and CEO of WEGOFAR2 Records - Tha 2Print Empire. As a talented Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Tha Real Kodde One is on the rise of becoming a mainstream music MegaStar. In the early millennium he Co-Founded Flawless Mafia International (FMI), and created Goon Mobb Squad Entertainment, and later discovered WE SEW KC. During his music tenure he has written hundreds of original songs, recorded mixtapes, and produced over a thousand hit singles. Be sure to follow his musical life journey while he shows you why - WeGoFAR2.


Live Performances and Availabilities    

WEGOFAR2 Music Clients are available for live shows, radio interviews, television spots, motion picture film appearances, songwriting collaborations, special guess features, club performances, and concert tours. Our goal is to work with at-risk youth, schools, universities, hospitals, research centers, charitable organizations and contributing societies needing to raise capital to support public initiatives, community programs, and special causes. Our Music Clients make great Commercial fillers, Scriptwriters, product Spokespersons, or National Brand Ambassadors for firms needing promotions from very powerful voices. WEGOFAR2 believes in a healthy economy as a talented community!


Television and Radio Show

WEGOFAR2 is a Family Affair. Specialty projects such as the WE SEW KC have been developed to showcase the company's music recording Artists. This production is becoming very popular in the Kansas City area. It is scheduled for television and will be distributed in 2020 by an affiliated broadcast station. WE SEW KC will provide sponsorship opportunities for local, regional, and national businesses. The show will be hosted by Tha Real Kodde One (the P.Diddy of Kansas City). Be sure to catch the highlights!


Product Submissions & Special Features

Attention Music Artists: WeGoFar2 - Tha 2Print Empire is currently accepting new music submissions. If you would like your music reviewed by our A&R Music Staff please contact us today. In addition, if you wish to collaborate or appear as a Special Guess Feature on WE SEW KC be sure to contact the Executive Producer. The production schedule and timeline is June 1, 2019 so act promptly. Thanks for previewing our website and remember WEGOFAR2 is a Family Affair!


Our Services

All entertainment services are provided by our professional A&R Music staff. WEGOFAR2 - Tha 2Print Empire is an Affiliate of GBD Management Group (GBDMG). The Label offers music consultation, recording, sound production and engineering, publishing, project marketing, and limited distribution services. We serve some of the most talented music professionals in the United States. We help Artists perfect the quality of their performing arts and craft. We prepare them internally long before presenting their products to the public externally. If you’re looking to become a member of one of the best music industry families you are at the right place. We'll get you performance recognition and album exposure needed to maximum the royalty income you deserve for your music products!

WEGOFAR2 provide mixtape samples, streamlines, and downloads on any of our published music catalogs. Catch a preview of the Artists EP's, LP's, Live Performances, Television and Radio Interviews, Tours, Videos, Album Release Parties and more on multiple music platforms now available on Youtube, Spodify, Reverb Nation, Facebook, and on the Manager's Promo Site.

Additional services include pre-product orders, shipment, and GUARANTEED delivery on all WEGOFAR2 inventory. Be sure to check Special PROMO items, the Event Calendar, and Tickets rates often as merchandise pricing are liable to change without further notice.  

WEGOFAR2 - A Family Affair for Music Recording Artist & Producers...

Artist Management

Getting your music recordings properly mixed, mastered, published, distributed and marketed to the public is our greatest asset and passion. Our expert A&R Staff will help put your finished Album concepts and music videos into global circulation. Our company has pre-established industry relationships with National Radio Disc Jockies (DJ's), Music & Film Industry Producers, Publishers, Television Broadcasters, Multimedia Firms, Talent Agencies and Promoters. We have a highly experienced production team at WEGOFAR2 - Tha 2Print Empire. We are proud to be represented by GBD Management Group (The Great Big Discovery). This is  the Official Management Firm for the Clients we serve. GBDMG provides competent services and quality representation for aspiring entertainers.

Get a FREE One Hour Service Consultation Today to certify your independent music career! GBDMG PROMOSITE: www.gbdmanagement.wix.com/conceptsandevents

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Executive Producer

WEGOFAR2 - Tha 2Print Empire, Founded by Kristian Freewey Orcca (AKA. Tha Real Kodde One) and GB. DeClerck (Executive Producer) are here to bring Music Fans the hottest Artists, the hottest beats, and the world's hottest performances. GB. DeClerck brings the fuel and science of business to propel the Brand. He is the Founder of GBDMG (the Great Big Discovery) located in (Top City USA) the Heartland of America. He is the Music Publisher who prefers to see Artists represented by Independent Record Labels like WEGOFAR2 enjoy the rich freedoms and liberties of their own creative work, images, and copyrighted catalogs. Under GB's guidance the Company is dedicated to optimizing the entire entertainment experience by helping undersigned music recording Artists maximize the fruit of their labor. The Executive's goal is to see that Clients earn the highest possible royalty rates from their performances and product distributions. His primary objective is to provide a career sustainable platform and promote a positive health conscious entertainment community."I am here to help Artists thrive musically and financially." GB. DeClecrk (Executive Producer)  

WEGOFAR2 - A Family Affair for Music Recording Artists & Producers...


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Info & Booking: (785) 383-1847

©2019 by WEGOFAR2/GBDMG. Proudly Created GB. DeClerck

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